Training & Practice Mission

  • Reflexive Learning

    CHERJ engages learners in critically reflexive practice where students are challenged to address their subjective understandings of reality and critically question their personal beliefs, assumptions and perspectives.

  • Breaking Chains

    CHERJ seeks to dismantle and disrupt systems of inequaliy through social justice advocacy in experiential teaching. We seek to humanize the digital learning space by building safe learning environments.

  • Intellectual Curiosity

    CHERJ creates a transformative environment that fosters intellectual curiosity and solution-based practices through individual exploration and critical thinking. This stimulating atmosphere is aimed to assist student’s emotional, intellectual, physical, and social growth

Membership Communities

Social responsibility and participatory citizenship are integrated into all learning experiences. CHERJ seeks to build a community where learning is a collaborative endeavor to guide students' motivation and commitment to learning. The Membership Communities facilitate civic engagement and a collaborative learning space. All enrolled students have access to a membership community. Those with lifetime membership have access to the community after course completion. Below are the following CHERJ Memberships Communities:

  • CommUnity Hub (Coming soon)

  • Clinical and Community Practitioner Community

  • Healing & Recovery Support Group Community